The best whiskey I’ve ever had?

Okay, so you know that thing where someone tells you that a particular whiskey will be the best whiskey you’ve ever had, and you get to try it, and then it turns out to be the best whiskey you’ve ever had? Well…I have that.

So, my pal, Jeremy sent me some of the most stellar whiskey samples I’ve ever received!! One of those was the 1969 OLD CROW CHESSMEN. 

It came with instructions, pour into a glass and wait 30 mins.

So I did just that. 

Let me tell you, waiting 30 minutes to drink the oldest whiskey you’ve ever had the privilege to try, is a long time!

But listen, it took 50 years for this whiskey to make its way to me, the least I could do was to follow the one and only instruction this bourbon came with.

Okay…so from the first look, it’s a beautiful mahogany. Not cheap mahogany from a box…but the most beautiful mahogany you’ve ever seen. It’s got great viscosity and legs for days. “Legs for days”, it’s what the people say.

On the nose, it’s pure candy. It’s nostalgic. 

This dram was pure candy on the nose and all my candy dreams on the palate.

I don’t do in-depth reviews. I can’t taste vanilla or dried stone fruits. I can’t smell baking spices and caramel. What I can say is, if you taste a whiskey and it transports you back to a time and place and makes you forget that you love Michter’s toasted barrel bourbon above all else…well dammit, that’s when you know you’ve had the best whiskey you’ve ever tasted.

Have you tried this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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