Virgil Kaine

Virgil Kaine Electric Owl.

An LTO ( limited time offering) of 3000 bottles and sold until it was gone. If you were one of the lucky ones (like myself, via my good pal Brodie) who snagged a bottle of this, pat yourself on the shoulder, heck give yourself a baseball booty slap.

First off, this bottle!! I love a bottle with some heft to it. It’s a nice solid bottle with what I liken to broad shoulders. Everyone loves some good broad shoulders.

It’s called “Lowcountry” whiskey and I didn’t really understand what that meant until I googled that shiz and this is what I found out…

Lowcountry is a geographic and cultural region along South Carolina’s coast; including the Sea Islands.

So there you have it. Whiskey produced in the geographic area known as Lowcountry.


Virgil Kaine is also a pretty cool company. Their founders were former chefs which means they know how to cook. With their culinary backgrounds, they brought a whole new bag of tricks into the distilling department, if you ask me. And if you’ve tried their ginger-infused bourbon…you know what I mean.

Electric Owl is the second expression I’ve had from VK and I was, once again, not let down. Electric Owl is a whiskey some other whiskies wish they could be…good.

Actually very, very good.

Electric Owl is a 9yr sour mash. (Sour mash is a process that uses an older batch mash to start the fermentation of a new batch.) It’s finished in American ale barrels from Revelry brewing. Before Revelry got a hold of them they were housing Pinot Noir from Willmette Valley.

Now for my tasting notes, which in the past have left so much to be desired but for the sake of this review I’m just gonna go ahead and put something out there.

proof: 100.1

Colour: Rich Caramel

Nose: smells good. Real: I get hints of Vanilla and dried fruit.

Palate: Sweet baby Jane this is it…tastes too good to be true. Real: oooh, it’s got some spice to it. Again I’m getting dried fruit, along with caramel.

Finish: Yup, Imma finish this bottle whole bottle (that I’ll never be able to get again) in no time and then I will be so mad at myself. Real: Fruity sweetness along with some pepper kick.

Seriously folks. If given the opportunity DO NOT PASS THIS ONE UP! Even if it’s just a dram from your homeboy or there are still some bottles floating around for purchase. Pick it up, son!

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